Cafe Press Shopping at Soul Food



CafePress.com is an online retailer that produces and dispatches a large variety of user-customized products on demand. Opening and operating a basic CafePress shop is free. A basic shop can be upgraded to a premium shop for a small monthly rate, allowing an unlimited number of products per type and additional maintenance and customization features.

CafePress was founded as a privately owned company in 1999 by Fred Durham and Maheesh Jain. As of February 2006, the site hosts over 2.6 million online shops with over 35 million products

Besides the esoteric, CafePress.com distributes a wide range of items and is a great platform for Soul Food to provide authentic talismans and souvenirs for those who travel the Silk Road and choose to live in Lemuria.

Soul Food will always remain a free site because creator, Heather Blakey, believes that everyone in the world should have access to a tranquil sanctuary and be able to participate on an equal level. She does not want to exclude anyone and is proud of the fact that Soul Food has not only provided a refuge for people from such different walks of life, but that it has led to transformations in participants lives.

However, Heather also believes that she has given more than her share. She believes that now that Soul Food is being used by over a million people a year it should be funded by a collective, funded by people who are happy to make sure that the site is available to all comers.

Early in 2006 Monika Roleff mastered Cafe Press and worked hard to set up a shop at Soul Food. The idea of the shop is to provide participants with products that will support their journey and at the same time help to fund the work of Soul Food.


Make sure to visit the Soul Food Shop. There is something for everyone here and those who have made the Soul Food way their practice can purchase products with Soul Food logos.


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  1. Being into the artist and writer’s business..i was so happy to find this information so useful. Thank you..I will be back to read more and learn.

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