Heather Blakey – Soul Food Webmaster


Heather Blakey, a former secondary school teacher, with over thirty five years of teaching experience in both primary and secondary schools, has been working within a digital communication landscape for over ten years. Heather has facilitated ICT professional development for students and teachers since the late 1990’s and has effectively addressed a wide range of online safety issues throughout this period.

Heather, who built and manages the world recognized Soul Food Cafe, a vibrant online community, believes that it is essential to keep abreast of current communication trends and emerging issues within the digital landscape. For the past two and a half years she has been at the forefront of Education in Victoria, delivering the concept of team blogging to the educational sector, under the direction of the Victorian Education Department and SLAV (State Library Association of Victoria). She has been using programs like Blogger, WordPress and Squidoo to provide online mentoring, build niche communities and provide support for people from all walks of life.

For many years Heather has been working in to raise awareness of the potential of Web 2.0 tools. In 2007 she designed a comprehensive Web 2.0 Calendar to encourage staff and students to experiment and learn about the new and emerging technologies that are reshaping the context of information on the Internet today. The objective of this program was to encourage exploration of Web 2.0 and new technologies and to provide staff with new tools that will engage students and develop literacy skills. Those who have worked through this calendar have become familiar with blogging in particular, and have learned important lessons about Digital Citizenship.

Heather currently manages a number of innovative curriculum projects, including projects with VITTA, which demonstrate how teachers can safely apply a wide range of web tools within their curriculum delivery. She is a mentor for a number of Victorian Schools who are working to engage their students using new, emerging technologies and builds vibrant, online, niche communities.

You can contact Heather at heatherblakey at fastmail dot fm

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