Arena at Soul Food


The Pythian Games took place at Delphi every four years. The festival not only involved athletic contests but included musical competitions and drama. Unlike our society which had turned sports figures into icons, in ancient Greece there was no divorce between intellect and muscle. Each was viewed to be a necessary quality of the perfect man. Pindar, a Boeotian poet made it his professional business to celebrate the athletic contests in music and song. When a city was victorious it rejoiced in poem and song. Thus these games furnished poets, musicians and authors the best opportunities to present their productions to the public, and the fame of the victors was diffused far and wide.

Here at Soul Food you can participate in the Pythian Games, learn the ropes and move on to engage in the vast array of collaborative blogs that the site hosts.

Before you can be signed up to join the Pythian Games you need to have mastered WordPress. It is also recommended that you check out and work through some of the days on the 2007 AdvenTURE Calendar which provides guidance for those who are new to Web 2.0 and the interactive world these tools open.

Upon request, and a small donation to the site, a PDF which provides a step by step guide to WordPress and other programs will be sent to you. Soul Food is a not for profit site and provides a vast range of free resources so all donations are appreciated.

Simply contact heatherblakey at fastmail dot fm for more information

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