Soul Food Cafe Archived at WayBack Machine

Come away, oh human child! To the waters and the wild (W.B. Yeats) … Experience a realm of mystical beings who are a part of the magic and beauty of nature. Dare to enter the wondrous Real of Faerie. There are many mysterious and fascinating paths to follow in this enchanting realm. Choose to the left and dare to enter a wondrous realm full of magic and beauty…
by Edwina Peterson Cross

If you have ever followed a link to the Soul Food Cafe,  you will know that this much loved site welcomed participants from all over the world and took them on magical blogging journey’s. In its original form Soul Food was online for nineteen years. Laying idle the time came for it to be archived. It  can now be found, intact, within the archives of the Way Back Machine.

Heather Blakey, who built this site between 2000-2010 now lives in Central Victoria and runs face to face classes privately and for the Bendigo Central Goldfields Library and offers private mentoring.

Featuring The Dig Tree: The Dig Tree follows the fated Burke and Wills Expedition and explores what creative people can learn from this historic period. Choose a shovel, dig and you will find fuel for your imagination.